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  • Hi Mike I am sure I read your post about you getting a mifi ..... I got one unlocked took to turkey and registered in turcell shop with 4gb and still didnt work just wondered if you could give me any pointers mine is the hauwai E386 i think one of the later ones 5 devices connected wifi.
    Crystal clear
    hi are you in turkey at the momnet we should be out in just over a week , 1 thing puzzling me who is kitykat 1950 ?
    Missing you in the arcade Mike, need your competition lol.

    Fancy joining me in the Super world arcade site let me know and i'll give you the full email.

    Take Care mate
    Hi Mike
    I noticed that you have,nt tried the fishes game, one of my favs, though, finding it harder than last year, used to be up n over the 150,000 regularly.
    Sorry but took your mouse speed this morn, quite a lot of the games have wee secrets on how to play them, found this out when moving the mouse speed up to level 7.
    If I can help you in any, give me a buzz.

    Cheers Peter

    Cheers Peter
    Cheers Mike
    Will give it a go tomorrow, just in from the bowls, had a few beers.

    Thanks again
    Cheers Peter
    Hi Mike hope your good buddy.

    Ros from Phoenix has email me about your account with them. Here is her message.

    Mikes account is flagged up for deletion because the email address we have has been returned as invalid, its in our rules that if there's no valid email address, the associated account will be deleted, I have no way of contacting him.

    When I'm back off holiday, the accounts that have no valid email address are being deleted.

    I told her i would contact you just in case you want to return to the site.

    Enjoy your Sunday Mike & don't take too many of my scores lol.

    Hi Mike. yes been a bit quiet on the forum lately as i have been moving house & playing games on the phoenix arcade. do try to pop in every now & then.
    regards steve
    So Number 1 in the Arcade, looks like your gonna be unbeatable Mike.

    Well done
    Sorry for the late reply was out from 5-00 last night Mike.

    Yes Steve has cooled abit. But he'll be back no doubt.
    Hi Mike.

    I have PM'd Mushtaq to try & sort the Arcade out, not too sure where he is, haven't seen him for awhile.

    I won't be trying for that Parasites game again, it's too boring
    There Mike, i got that Parasites one back. That is a long game and i don't wonna do it again, it gets so boring after awhile.

    Now it's your turn lol. Which one takes ya fancy
    Mike honestly youv'e got a blooming cheek, both you & Steve take my high scores then say "lets not challenge each others high scores". Sorry mate i just found that funny.

    Without the input of new games here i find it gets quite boring so i'm going to leave you 2 to fight it out, iv'e had enough for the time being.

    Good luck to you Mike
    Hi Mike. Im really sorry & you must think i am really rude but i have only just noticed your message from the other night. hello to you as well & lets continue taking all the high scores in the arcade, lol
    Hi Mike.

    Thanks for the competition, your taking me to my limits and beyond
    Well done on your high scores, try as i may i can't get any higher.

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