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  • Hi thanks for the message, sorry just seen it. shame we missed you playing. perhaps next year. hope you have a good journey back. we come out as you go back. as normal we find the live music has finished by now but sometimes there can be one or two Turkish bands around Altinkum so we will just have to search them out. we were in a bar on the fron a few Julys ago and there was a turkish folk/rock band from Istanbul on. we were the only english and I got up and did an instrumental of stairways to heaven on his electro acoustic whilst they had the break. when the band came back on all the audience insisted on teaching us turkish dancing for the rest of the night. keep jammin!! perhaps we should have a band formed in Altinkum area called the "Expats" and if the song list and keys were posted on the website and a thread started people could come out already rehearsed??
    Live Music ban -Can anyone tell me if the law outlawing live music withh effect from June 1st 2011 is still going ahead?
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