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    Question What sort of quarantine required for entry to Turkey?

    6 Thanks Yildez. Very helpful and well-informed as usual. Seems to me the risk of being put into hotel quarantine is very high for the moment. The UK FCO advice seems misleading. Hopefully Turkish policy will change before too long.
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    Question What sort of quarantine required for entry to Turkey?

    Thanks for that. The problem is that some Turkish information suggests that anyone who’s been in the UK in the previous 10 days has to do hotel quarantine. It would be nice to get some confirmation that the FCO advice is correct.
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    Question What sort of quarantine required for entry to Turkey?

    In a couple of weeks I’m hoping to travel to Istanbul from the UK, changing planes in Zürich. I have a Turkish ikamet (1 year) and a home in Turkey. I’ll have a negative PCR test. Can anybody advise me whether I’ll be able to quarantine at home or whether I’ll have to quarantine in a hotel...
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    My 90-day visa runs out on June 9th and I need to find a flight home to the UK. My closest airport is Bodrum. Looking at the Easyjet website there seem to be plenty of flights available in the first week of June, at reasonable prices. But are these confirmed flights? Or is just a way for...
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    Easyjet 2019 schedule

    I to book book some flights from the UK to Turkey for 2019 but found that Easyjet have published no chedules after November this year. Does this mean that Easyjet are pulling out of Turkey? Or are they just a bit late getting their schedules out?
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    Short-term rental rules 2018

    Does any know if there have there been any change to Turksih short-term rental regulations from last year (2017)? Last year the rules were that: 1 Short term rentals could only be through a Turkish company (massive pain in the neck as Turkish companies are very expensive to operate). 2...
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    New construction plans in Datça

    Somebody forwarded this interesting article to me from 'Hurriyet'. It talks about a large new planned development in Datça, which is something that will probably have an impact on all us ex-pats who live here or who have houses here. Does anyone know any more about this? Opening of Turkish...
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    HSBC closes my acccount

    DHL delivered a letter today from HSBC Turkey advising me that it is closing my account in 30 days. No explanation given. What a pain in the neck! I will have to set up a new bank account. Can anyone recommend a bank in Turkey with an English-language website? Does anyone know what...
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    Paying water bill by Direct Debit

    Does anyone know how to set up automatic payment of the water bill? This now comes from the Mugla Buyuksehir not from the Datca Belediye, and I have no arrangements in place to pay it automatically. Instead I have to go to the Belediye and pay it in cash. There has to be a better way! Has...
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    Illegal Buildings Amnesty Law

    Does anyone know if there is an amnesty available in Turkey for buildings put up without the correct planning permission before 2004? I have been told that this amnesty exists, but it's quite a difficult thing to search for on Google. The word 'amnesty' brings up hundreds of human-rights...
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    Demolition orders

    I'm sorry to hear that at least half of the existing buildings in Kargi Koyu have had scheduled demolition notices posted on them by the Belediye. I'd guess this is to leverage up the planners position re. the new development plan for the bay. This is going to be made public in the next few...
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    Teacher's salary in Turkey

    Does anyone know what is the net salary is of a secondary school teacher in Turkey?
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    Views on Turkish Lira?

    Has anyone got a view on where the Turkish Lira/GBP exchange rate is going over the next 6 months? I think we are around 3.77 TL to the GBP at the moment. That seems a pretty good rate and I was thinking of changing some GBP into TL. With a UK general election coming up in early May in the...
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