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  • Hi Maura, local chemist do all the equivalent antibiotics as in uk, my uk prescription is for Cephalexin (for people allergis to penecillin) its sold here as Sefaleksin 500mg by various brands such as Maksipor. If you know your uk medicine, take empty box and chemist will know.
    Cheers, Gaz
    Hi Maura, thanks, I have been in touch with Noreen in past few days and she has given me the contact details. They have also been recommended by a few others too. We are just not getting the use out of the place at the moments so may as well let it pay for itself! We hope to go out beginning of June this year. how about you?

    Wishing you a very happy birthday Maura. Hope you have a great day. xxx
    Hi Maura, have not been speaking for ages hon, hope you are okay, have not seen you on for a while. Hope to speak again soon. Take care. Love Sharon xxxx
    20th December, 2009
    Happy Christmas Maura to you and yours. Not long now till the new year and the counting down to Turkey begins!!!!!
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