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  • :boohoo:hello anne hope you and chris are enjoying the sun.typical scottish weather were having
    cant wait to get back to dalaman next year looking for cheap flights.
    say hello to chris from me take care dougie
    Hi Carla,
    Sorry for the delay in answering!..I'm still waiting for replies from a few friends here in Dalaman regarding date!! I won't be taking my husband!.But he will be going to the Breakfast on the Sunday.As i don't like driving that far!!!

    I will let you know asap.. Also have a safe journey.

    Regards Ann
    Hi Ann

    Sorry, for some reason I thought I'd emailed you! Neither Ruth nor Sally can make that week (Sally in UK, I think Ruth is too...).

    I can make that week though. I get back 6th Oct - just wondered if the Saturday would suit you at all, 10th? Are you bringing hubbies?

    Carla x
    Hi Ann,

    Yes, fine thanks. I go to UK 28th but I'm back on 6th Oct, so yeah, can do that week for sure.

    Will make some enquiries and get back to you. I'll also drop a message to Sally and Ruth.


    Hi Ann

    How are you and did you have a good Summer?

    A Spa day at Therme Maris was mentioned when we met for breakfast in Serefler (sp?)....I think Sally and/or Ruth mentioned it...

    I was thinking of trying to arrange a Day there for any Forum people that want to come (although I suspect it would be mainly ladies...) Is there a 'best day' to go? Sorry to pick yr brain but either Sally or Ruth said that you knew a bit about the Therme!

    Best wishes

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