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    Ripo Homes - Mahmutlar

    Has anybody had experience of, had dealings with, or any knowledge of this company? Are they reputable? Thanks
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    Aidat debts

    Apologies if this has been covered before. If an apartment is sold with aidat debts, and the new ( buying) owner is aware of this, who is then responsible for the debt after transfer of Tapu? Can anybody point me towards a point of law that covers this? Thanks in advance.
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    Lawyers in Mahmutlar

    Hi Does anybody know of a lawyer in Mahmutlar, or has an office in Mahmutlar,or are they all in Alanya? Thanks
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    How to enforce Sennets in Turkey?

    Hi, can anybody help me with the procedure of enforcing a sennet. Does this need to be started by using a lawyer, or can you go to the Court house and register your debt, and then will they enforce it for you? Any idea of the time scale. Thanks
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    Car driver sought.

    Does anybody know of a way to trace the owner of a vehicle in Turkey using the registration number, and if so, how? Have been to the police. and as it is, to them, a minor issue, they are not really interested. Thanks
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    Wheel chair wanted for rent/borrow

    Can anybody help with the rental of a wheelchair for a couple of weeks in September? Thanks
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    Need a lawyer - Legal Aid in Turkey?

    Hi Does anybody know if there is a scheme in Turkey, ( as there is in the UK) where you can get help/assistance with legal fees? If so, would be grateful for any help, information etc . Thanks
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    Turks and roundabouts

    Can anybody see, or understand why the Turks stop on a roundabout to give priority to those joining. Soooooo many times it causes a gridlock as they all give way to others and nobody can move. To me, this defies logic and just does not make sense.
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    Traditional Turkish breakfast

    Hi Can anybody recommend a restaurant in the Alanya area that serves a typical and traditional Turkish breakfast, and approximate cost. Thanks in advance.
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    Child care

    Hi. I know this is may be a delicate subject, with many possibilities and opinions, and being in Turkey, probably no cut and dried answer, but some views/opinions or experiences will be of help. In brief, 6 year old child, Turkish father, UK mother. Mother and child live full time in Turkey...
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    Does AGM have to be held in Turkey?

    Hi. Can anybody advise if the annual AGM has to be held in Turkey? Thanks
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    Villa wanted in Gold City

    Hi I love the Gold City complex and am looking for a villa there to buy. Is any member selling a villa there, or know of somebody who is. Please pm me. Many thanks
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    Annual complex meetings.

    Morning all. As this will be my first owners meeting, I have no idea what should or should not happen, nor what the procedures are. Would anybody happen to have a list/info on the rules/regulations that apply to the annual complex meeting? If so, I would be grateful for copy of this. failing...
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    Southampton promoted

    Well done Saints on getting back to the premier league, and Ricky lambert for being the championship player of the season.
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    Unpaid maint fees

    A friend of mine has been renting an apartment for 3 years, and decided to buy direct from the owner. The Tapu has been transferred to her name, and now she is being chased for the unpaid 3 years maint fees that the previous owner ( yes, he is Turkish) did not pay. With hindsight, it is easy to...
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