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    solar pool filters

    hi all, has anyone done any home work into how reliable the portable solar swimming pool filters are and if they are availiable in Turkey they seem like a good idea reducing electric costs and so on... Martin
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    hi everyone can you please give us some idea how much the average bills would be for electric & water for a 3 bed villa with pool per month also the costs for running the average family car including insurance,road tax, mot, and fuel per year thankyou in advance Martin & Sharon
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    log burners

    good afternoon all , can you tell me if there is a good log burning suppliers/installers within the ovacik area also a website so i can look at the different types thankyou Martin
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    earthquake insurance

    good afternoon all can you please give me some idea on the cost of earthquake insurance for a 3 bed villa with own pool thanks Martin
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    cost of living expenses a month

    good morning all, can anyone please tell me if a income of equivalent to £800.00 per month earned in interest would be sufficent to live on a month, there is only two of us no mortgage, no car, we have swimming pool , dont smoke, i would do our own garden and pool maintenance thanks Martin
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    understanding interest on savings

    good afternoon all i wonder if you can help me understand how much interest i would get on my savings there in turkey ie. the way i see it if i had 100,000.00 GBP in garranti bank transfered to turkish lira at a rate of 2.80 (280,000.00tl) giving me say 10% the interest earned per month would...
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    swimming pool pumps

    hi all can anyone tell me if there are distributors in turkey selling solar powered swimming pool pumps ? thanks Martin
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    interest on savings

    good morning all, can anyone please clarify/put me right on savings and interest please, am i right in saying if i had savings of £100,000.00 put into a turkish bank earning 9.5% less tax would it be as below:-...
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    moving costs

    good morning all can anyone give me some idea on how much it would cost to arrange a container full of house hold stuff to be delivered from uk to the ovacik, olu dinez area we obviously have residency in place. thankyou martin
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    swimming pool pump

    good afternoon all we have a swimming pool approx 8 mtr x 4.0 mtr x 5ft deep can anyone tell me how long the pump has to be working some of our neighbours have theirs on twice a day 3 hrs a time others all day ??? also we have our villa in ovacik i am told there is a cheap rate electricity...
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    cost of living

    good evening all, can you please give me an idea on how much we would need to have a reasonable standard of living per month in turkey we have our own villa no mortgage the swimming pool and garden would be maintained by myself, we dont smoke, i drink but my wife doesnt we are not bothered by...
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    good afternoon all, can anyone recomend a good place that sells televisions with in built cd player within the Fethiye/Ovacik area and what make we should be looking for and approx price Martin
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    living off interest?

    good morning all and happy new year can anyone tell me if it is possible to live off the interest on savings of approx 125k we have no mortgage but would require a small car. garden and pool maintenance i would do myself.oh we do not smoke either thanks martin
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    purchasing televisions

    good morning all we are coming out there 23rd august with a view to purchase a tv for our villa can anyone recomend a good make any type and also a approx cost we are based in ovacik thankyou martin
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    bringing pets to turkey

    good afternoon all, we are looking into bringing out our pet west highland terrier dog can anyone tell us what costs we are likely to expect thanks martin
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