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    Efes Beer

    After drinking efes for a long time .I have noticed that with the breweries who brew it there are differant taste.Adana brewery is a malty taste where as istanbul is like gold going down your neck.its so smooth and not gassy.Izmir brewery is similar to adana buta diffrent taste now maybe this is...
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    sertab ereners new cd

    what is sertab Ereners new cd like I have not had chance to listen to it yet?
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    Help with Turkish Language

    Re: Great Site for Grappling with the Turkish Language can anyone give me the english translation of the turkish word SAHASI tesukkur ederim mark
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    how cheap is TOROS furnishings
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    business loans

    NOW i have opened a turkish bank account in north cyprus.can anyone tell me if they will grant a business loan and if so what sort of rates can i expect
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    football in north cyprus

    does anyone know where i can get a comprehensive guide to football and teams in north there any web sites where i can get ground informayion etc
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    cars in north cyprus

    what is the minimum i should expect to pay for a 2nd hand car in north cyprus
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    North Cyprus money transfer

    hi can you tell me the best way to get money from uk into my turkish bank account.Also what is the most money you can take out of uk through i will need to know for my move when my house is complete in north cyprus
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