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    selling up

    Has anyone managed to sell there property. Anyone had any dealings with ADH homes. Just wanted to know if they are good to deal with.
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    Hillside update

    Hi folks. i have just come back from hillside and enjoyed 1 week of relaxing. things are improving in Akbuk since i was last there in sept 2011. there is now a taxi company at the bootom of the hill. it cost 9-10TL up the hill. they also do transfers from the airport at a cost of £30 min for...
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    Getting up the hill

    Hi to you all. its been a while since i sent a message. i have been catching up with all the posts on here today. i will be in Hillside in September for 1 week...yipee. i have the usual problem of getting up the hill with the transfer service. Has anyone got any updates from any transfer...
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    Dask- top up

    i have been sorting out house insurance and so far Intasure are really good. they respond straight away and provide you with an itemised quote. on more research i found out that the DASK on its own only covers a percentage, you have to top it up. this what i found on the forum on links. We...
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    has anyone got a new Insurance this year that covers DASK and contents? mine has run out and they are not like UK and send you a reminder. Ta :27:
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    Getting up the hill-Transfers

    This is the reply i got from the transfer company that i normally use: I've just received your transfer booking form. But I want to let you know;for the Ufuk Hillside Complex we are not doing shuttle transfer. If youwant shuttle, we will drop off you in front of Akbük Tansaş, if you wantdoor to...
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    Bank Accounts

    Happy New year to all. i am going to be in Hillside in Feb. wanted to find out if there was a good bank to join out there. Is there a bank that has links from th UK? any recomendations would be nice Thanks:cheer2:
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    Searching for Utku

    has anyone seen Utku? i have sent him several emails and had no reply. i If anyone is in Hillside or going shortly can you pop in and see if everything is ok in Apollon F6. I was out here in June and wont be there until early next year. Hope you all have a good new year out here.:crying:
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    Hi all. can someone explain to me about getting the TAPU. I was under the impression that you could get your TAPU yourself if you presented at the tax office with your payment. i did intend to go back to Turkey before end of the year to get my TAPU personally and not depend on the builder. any...
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    sales tax fee

    who do we pay this to? the builder or the solicitor when you get Tapu?
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    Hillside update

    Hi to all. i have just got back from Hillside last night, i spent 1 week. it was fantastic. At first it took a few days to settle in. all apartments are almost ready. They have fitted water metres to each unit and you have to pay for you water. They intend to fit electric metres shortly also...
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    Cost of living In Turkey

    Is it expensive in Turkey. last time i was there i was on the all inclusive tour and not had a chance to go out shopping. what does it cost for a meal out? or a pint? or clothes? :3:
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    Hi again. stuck on Flights now. last time i was in Turkey i got off at Bodrum airport. Now flights are limited from Leeds to Bodrum airport on the dates i want. which is the next airport near to Akbuk. i can get flight to Dalaman or Izmir. any suggestions?:14:
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    Money in Turkey

    all those who have been and returned from Turkey. What currencey was most better to use TL or Euros? Is it better to get money in UK before going or when i get out there. I am Planning to travel on 20 June for 1 week. Hope to see few of you Hillsiders out here. :362jf:
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    Furniture/ agent

    more help needed..again. Any info on where i can get a good furniture pack, where from & cost. Has anyone got an agent they use to let there property? if so what was involved. thanks in advance :Flower:
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