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    Buses from Bodrum to Didim

    I’m traveling from Datça to Bodrum, 4th August, on the 12am ferry, can anyone please tell me the timetables for Didim buses, the quickest route, thank you.
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    Altinkum to çeşme

    I’m planning on traveling to Çeşme on March30/31st, does anyone know the best way to get there by bus? Also recommendations for a cheap hotel would be appreciated, I plan to stay overnight before getting the ferry to Chois. Thanks
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    Sewing machine service

    Does anyone know where I can get my sewing machine serviced/fixed, I have a problem with the tension. Thanks
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    Aydin to Altinkum Boulevard.

    I'm traveling to Aydin Sunday 15th October, arriving 1.30pm, does anyone know the number and time of buses to Altinkum Boulevard. Thanks
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    Datça to Altinkum

    I'm planning to visit a friend in Altinkum, on or about 16th October, any advice on best travel arrangements would be appreciated.
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    Fake Traffice Accident

    A warning to all late night (and not so late night travellers). We had M’s sister and brother around for their obligatory first night curry, they arrived in Datca in the early hours of yesterday morning for a couple of weeks stay at their house, and their story is quite frightening. During their...
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    NileSat and a new dish

    Evening All. We've seen comments on the forum recently about 'NileSat', receiving UK TV programmes and that a satellite dish will cost about TL 220. We've had a guy around today saying we need a new bigger dish as our current dish is too small, quoting TL 300. He said that we also need a new...
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    An update on Lucy

    This is a bit of a long post, with apologies. Many of you will know of the difficult times KKOB (Alan and Jennie) have been having and their reasons for leaving Turkey; and of the traumatic time they had finding homes for their dogs. We have been very lucky to have been chosen by Lucy to come...
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    Proud to Be British

    More of a chuckle than a joke. A recent study conducted by Oxford University found that the average Briton walks about 900 miles a year. Another study by the British Medical Association found that Britons drink, on average, 22 gallons of alcohol a year!! This means, on average, Britons get...
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    Our Crowded Skies

    Not sure if anyone has seen this before but have you ever wondered how crowded our skies are? And I hope the link works :smile: WorldAirT...wmv (5.8 MB) This is amazing! The yellow dots are airplanes in the sky during a 24 hour period. Stay with the picture and you’ll see the light of the day...
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    Sabiha Gokcen transfers and shuttle bus

    On our arrival at Sabiha Gokcen airport we took the airport bus to Taksim square and then by taxi to the Apex hotel; interesting! The airport bus was cheap but the taxi fare made up for it as Taksim is a long way from the Apex hotel. Typical of Turkish taxi drivers he drove as though the devil...
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    SultanAhmet & Restaurants

    Around the Apex hotel there are a numerous Turkish (tourist) restaurants offering similar fare, a bit pricey for what it is but the food is passable, the manager at the Apex recommended Turquoise (Turkish) restaurant and we ate there on our first night, it was good. The staff were very friendly...
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    Recommendation feedback - Apex Hotel, Istanbul

    Apex Hotel; after seeing the recommendation on TLF we checked out their web site before booking, it seemed OK, and it was. Apex is centrally located in SultanAhmet and within walking distance to all the major tourist sites. The hotel, like many others we guess, could do with a bit of an upgrade...
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    Recommendation feedback - Pegasus Airlines

    Second recommendation/info was for Pegasus Air; Apart from an hour delay at Dalaman (happens to the best of them) and misplacing our bag for 1 day on the Stanstead run, the airline was good, onboard service friendly and efficient, lots of smiling stewardess’s. The cost of the ticket was very...
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    Feedback on TLF recommendations

    We’re just back from an extended Christmas holiday in the UK and we thought we would give some feedback on some recommendations we took up from TLF before our trip. We’ll split the post into relevant subjects as it will prove to be too long a thread First recommendation was the Airport...
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