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  • Hey, it was nice to see you both too, and yes thanks once again for the H.S.C, I've been diving in as they say.
    Sorry we never sort of got together, as I said Val had just had her op. for H'roids and she is having to take this stuff to make it easier at the toilet, but for whatever reason sometimes it does'nt seem to work and she'll be in there an hour and crying.
    So next time you get here we will have a get together, in the meantime cheerio for now. Warren, Val
    happy birthday it says 53..i think it should be 35..many happy returns ...i see Warrens chatting you up....now im really jealous.
    Hi there, Thanks for your numbers I have printed the page so that I can bring it with me when we next come. We have just got to know Josie and we were with her last week having a few beers with a few other ex-pats while we were in Avsallar. I am not sure if I know Linda or not I might know her by sight.

    We have only been back a week and we are counting the weeks again for the next visit....................

    Regards for now.

    Hi Margaret, thanks for the number, our's is......landline 242-565-1564 tho I don't think you need to dial the 242 bit, .....Turkey mobile num,05394183378.
    By the way do you know Linda, or Josie they both live in Avsallar.
    Hi Margaret, that would be "lubbly jubbly" thanks, we often sit and have a coffee in the patiseri "Oba Bread" will have to meet up. Cheers
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