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  • Hi Marchgirl

    That would be a great idea to meet back home in sunny Monifieth

    Our email address
    How long have you been in Turkey for, as I have trying to keep abreast with the news since I read of a previous neighbour being rescued from a house fire with 80% burns. He is Craig Henderson, as he lives in the flats on the left hand side down towards the st5ation, I think they are behind Hometay house.
    If you know of any news about him could you let us know

    Enjoy the rest of your stay, because I know we will

    Sandy & Helen
    Hello Marchgirl. Well, I really don't know the answer to that one!!Who did you ask? Friendship costs nothing and I am happy to lend an ear or a shoulder whenever I possibly can. Where are you living? Did you introduce yourself on the forum and tell them a bit about yourself? Srry to be asking this if you did, but I don't always read the introduction thread, sorry to say!! Sometimes I miss it anyway because too many threads have been started in between my visits. Anyway, hope you do find more friends on here, perhaps give it a little more time? Emmy x
    hello marchgirl

    good to hear someone from homeland it is also very quite here there are not that many scotish people live here in altınkum,there were so many in marmaris when ı was living there couple of years agao !! ı love where you live fethiye is such a lovely places ...how long have you been living there? and do you enjoy living it here?
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