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  • Hi Maisie. I remember an Irish couple who was in a similiar situation. Their solicitor as a last resort suggested writing a letter in turkish to Erdogan describing the situation. RTE responded & gave the order to all those concerned to sort or else!. This was at a time of great revenue to turkey from overseas property sales!!. It worked. The couple received their tapu & ownership of their property. I was told personally about this, it was not hearsay. Try it with either the solicitor you have used or another.
    maisie i,m new on here,going kusadasi in november,how do i get a visa...dont understand it...went on line,can,t even put in destination turkey and its £74 help please
    Thanks for the information on the thread you started Maisie. Very informative. You really learn so so much from the forum. Thanks Maisie. Regards, Sharon aka Tess. x
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