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  • Hi Linda
    My husband Geoff & I bought Paul Rose's house,we were out in May at the time Mark went to wemby to watch Swansea. Had a letter last week about site meeting last weekend and we were wondering if there was anything discussed that we should know about. We will be out again at the begining of September for 2 weeks but that is a long time off and if we get sent anything before then from the management we wont be able to understand it. Hope you dont mind me contacting you. Also if you want us to bring anything over for the children just let us know.
    Hi Brokenbrains

    No problems at all ;-)

    I must be getting senile though, as for the life of me, I have no idea what this is in relation to ;-)


    I have provided you with some further information on the TLF thread.

    I am sorry but that is as far as I can go as I unable to provide specific case advice, that is against the terms of my contract.

    I hope you understand.
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