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  • Hello Lynda, how are you, ready for the season again, me and Dawn will be their in September, Vicky and David will be joining us this year with their 2 young children Harvey and Jussica, they are staying at Aliyie, we are stopping at... mmmmmm oh cant remember name, but it is oposit the new water feature on the one way street, u no where I mean don't you lol.
    Anyway hope you and Doghan are well, see you later.

    Hi Margaret
    I have been out twice this year and hoping to go back later in the year. My mum is going out for the last 2 weeks in September and my friends the 2nd week in September. It is a bit of a nightmare as we are no further on to getting our tapu so we have engaged a solicitor. In the meantime our complex owner is threatening to cut off our elec and water despite us paying the bills and my friend has paid for her flights to go out in September and I am praying that the services have not been cut off otherwise I will have to find her alternative accomodation! help! Apart from that all is fine :)

    I hope all is well with your villa. I do love Turkey despite all the problems and looking forward to going out there again. Perhaps you could meet up with my mum and her friend in September? Do you go to Moomins bar in Avsallar?
    Hi there, I have not seen you on here for a while hope everything is alright with you and family. Do you plan to visit this year or not? We have been out twice already and we plan to go back in September and as usual counting the days............... Regards. Margaret
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