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  • lmaoo I've had that issue a few times on here, thanks thought better to get it mutiple times than not to get it at all lol.
    You must think I'm mad, sending you another pm, but my sent box is still showing nothing sent, but now I have picked up your pm of thanks. I'm not totally bonkers, just a wee bit, which helps of course, living in Dalyan! Good luck with your quest!
    I thought I had sent you the contact number for the two rentals I mentioned in the Forum last week, but my Sent Box says empty, so I'll try again.
    The mobile number for the lady renting out both the apartment in town and the house near the Kiyidan Hotel is 0090 555 520 25 81. As I mentioned, not sure if these are long term or just winter lets but worth a try. Turkevi emlak also have rentals on their website and so does Faz at King emlak, but the latter look dear, and of course going through an agent you pay them money too.
    The mobile number for both the apartment above the Dalyan Cafe and the house, with pool, in Maras Mah is 0090 555 520 25 81, but I am not sure whether she will let them as long term or just winter lets. Worth a try. Good luck,
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