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  • Hi Linda, Can you make either Tuesday or Friday for coffee? We thought meeting in Merdane in the high street as not sure if the Bistro will be open, or meeting in Ruth's office then deciding where to go! Shall we say about 11?
    Lesley x
    Hi Linda, I see that chris has obtained a Turkish driving licence. Can you tell me who helped you with the process, and would they be willing to help us, as we both need to get one?


    Hi Linda, My friend has decided to come to the breakfast so I won't need a lift now. Thanks very much. See you there, Lesley
    Hi Linda,

    Sorry to hear you had such problems-very strange.

    At present we're sort of between houses-let me explain.
    We have a triplex semi not far out of town (about ten mins walk-Caglayan Sokak) but I've had increasing problems with walking, and in particular using stairs-still having a lot of tests etc for rheumatoid arthritis.
    We had an opportunity to swap our semi for a nice bungalow (plus a sum of money)-only a couple of minutes from where our house is. We're coming over to Dalaman in a couple of weeks to actually move house-not looking forward to that. It shouldn't take much to move stuff-we haven't accumulated that much rubbish (yet).

    Paul is very silly-he wanted to build up a 'clientele'-that only happens by word of mouth-I guess you won't be recommending him to your friends.


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