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  • Hi Diana, yes I do know of them. I have never used them, but they seem to have a good reputation. I will try again to arrange a breakfast. I thought the Cin Bal in Kaya as they do a good village breakfast for 10 lira. Emmy x
    Diana iv'e just popped in to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY sorry it's a little late.

    Best Wishes :474cu:

    Love Andy xxxx
    Hi Diana, as your profile doesn't give your full name I'm not sure i know you, but then again I'm not sure you know me either... the reason for my message to you is that i am a friend of pebbles though i don't often use this site i am a member. I have been in contact with Pebble today, she emailed me early this morning to give me the bad news,i am fully aware of the situation and will be in contact with her regularly depending how she feels,though i will be in regular contact with her sister by email. I'm not aware if she gave her approval for your posting, but I'd like to thank you for bringing the situation to her friends attention.. i didn't want to be the one to do so.
    I am a friend of hers on facebook too and have asked for my friends, (some of them mutual friends) to pray for her at this difficult time,I've not given any details to those who have enquired... its not my place to do so, except those that are personal friends to the both of us. Again Diana. Thank you.
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