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  • I decided not to register the tow bar: if you are stopped and they pick you up on it there is a fine of about 50 lira. So I reckon that it is easier to pay the occasional 50 lira (if at all) than to spend a day farting about in Izmir being shunted from office to office AND taking a new MOT test which is what you're supposed to do.

    I've made no progress with the amateur seaman's licence, as it's a low priority. My Turkish wife went to the local coastguards and pointed out that I hadn't got a licence, but I was studying to get one, so please don't pick him up on it. I must say I didn't feel quite comfortable about being "shopped" by my wife, but she assures me that it is important to make such relationships and understandings. I just hopes that she willl bail me out when the time comes!! lol. If you make any progress yourself, please let me kn ow how.
    How did you go on with your tow bar, did you register it? i had mine fetched over from UK and fitted it myself,i am due mot December and i think i will just remove it for that,have been stopped a couple of times but they have not noticed it .
    What did you do about a sea licence?
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