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  • Hi Chris.

    hopefully next week weather permiting,if not the weekafter. that's the plan.

    We're probably going onto B pontoon so we'll nearly be neighbours .-)))

    See you about for sure.

    Hi Bev,

    Was speaking to Pete and Shaz they told me your sailing from istanbul in a few weeks, good luck and hope it all goes smooth in your new yacht. Congratulations on your captains exams.

    Im back in Sweden working but will be in didim on the 11th for 5 days.
    Sevil is always down the marina when she has time checking on the boat.

    Its Jersey registration called Lotte Rose



    I came across one of your posts and notice that you teach Turkish.

    I moved to Altinkum, Turkey with my hubby and two boys Kaya and Josh in March of this year. I had to come back to the UK in September with the boys to deal with some family stuff, but will be back in Altinkum just after xmas.

    I will enrolling Josh back into Valliler school and would really love him to have some private Turkish lessons to help me. He is 14 years old. Would you be interested in teaching him and me for that matter? What do you charge?

    Look forward to hearing from you.

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