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  • Hi, just wanted to say thanks for the thanks :) on the last post...The threads really started to upset me...and its never happened before, i've never really got my back up. My bloods just boiling!
    But how are you? In Marmaris yet? I came back last week and boy was it hot! Missing the food, even though i've bought the same things back, they just dont taste the same without the scenery, sun and company to go with it!
    Hope your ok?
    regards Rachel x
    ps your pm box is full xx
    Yes i called that number . And some man answered didn.t no what i was on about . !!!! hahaha glad you have sent correct number xxx Diane
    No Sorry Lara I was away at a funeral from thursday till saturday . I flew to scotland to a funeral . Got back last night . Sorry xxxxx
    It's sounds good, will be nice to have a meet up.
    Just let me know when and where.

    Lara x
    Ok Debanbatsu and A89 also want to meet up , One of them i believe lives in Sheffield , Maybe you could travel with them . OR get the train to Retford and i'll pick you up ...Diane
    Salaam Sister,

    The group I am talking about would simply discuss and collect arguments and information
    for the goal of one Palestine for Jews and Palestinians alike.
    I admire your spirit and would be honoured if you would be my friend. Also, am I right in assuming that you are a Muslim? :thumbup:
    Hi Lara
    I would like to invite you to join the new TLF group “1 Palestine 2 Nations”,
    a group that will promote the concept of a united Palestine, for Jews and Palestinians alike.

    Kind regards Goran Omar Bockman :307bt:
    Trisha rang and asked if we could go out together........said you had agreed,but when she got there,the house was closed up and no sign of you? I rang but got no reply either? Are you ok? saffie
    Hi Lara, what is this limp and bell that you wrote about? Some are saying that it is a wimple, but I don't think it can be because if a woman was wearing a wimple it would look like she was wearing a scarf, but you said that apart from this they look like anyone else.
    Thanks. Em x
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