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    Residency application & return to Turkey

    As you may know the new rules on acquiring Turkish residency came out on April 11, I submitted my residency application, my blue book was taken from me and I was given an officially stamped paper from the police station showing that I applied for new residency. Unfortunately, a month or so...
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    Saving the cats - import rules to UK

    Hi, Anyone fully understand the UK customs laws around importing cats? I'm trying to find out if I can take them with a third country certificate, if its stamped by an approved vet. But no where, I mean no where is there a definitive list of third countries so is Turkey in or out? Also, is a...
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    Gale force winds rock our world

    We are experiencing some dire weather here in Antalya, gusty winds of I reckon at least 35 mph and getting stronger, and a wind chill factor that feels below zero. I've been trying to find an accurate weather forecast online but none of them care to explain this current situation, except to say...
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    Do you know a translator?

    Hi, I am looking for a Turkish translator on the European side of Istanbul, do you know any?
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    Plumbing problem

    Hi, I currently have water damage on my ceiling and the plumber has identified the source of the problem, in the upstairs flat bathroom. The owner upstairs does not want to fix the issue until his cousin visits but the cousin never comes and the problem is getting worse, what can I do? None of...
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    D&P perfumes

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has ever bought a perfume from D&P, if so would you recommend them and what are the prices like?
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    DSmart of NextStar - which is best?

    Hi, I'm hoping to buy a digital receiver, does anyone know which of these 2 products is best for UK tv channels? DSmart advertise the bbc but is that just bbc news or other channels as well? Any info you have would be greatly appreciated.
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    Konyaalti animal center

    If you are looking to rescue a cat then you need to visit the Konyaalti Sokak Hayvanlari Rehabilitasyon Merkezi. We put 2 beautiful kittens up for re-homing today - Zippy and Perry, at 7 weeks, just praying they will get good homes. One is pure grey and the other a fun ginger tom cat, we kept...
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    Some help for the garden cats this winter

    I recently saw a cat house in a hotel and Beldibi and thought actually, since its impossible to take care of so many stray cats putting a few cat houses around the garden for our feline friends might be a nice solution. Here's a nice youtube video on how to make a cheap, waterproof cat house...
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    insaat problem

    Hi, my partner bought an off-plan property 2 years ago and it is now about 85% finished but we discovered that the construction company has been running up debts on the property. The tapu office showed us that in addition to our ipotek there are 11 debts on the flat coming to over 150,000 tl...
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    BBC shines a spotlight on Turkey

    If you haven't visited the BBC lately then you might be interested to know that is doing a whole series about Turkey, looking at the economy, history and culture. Visit: BBC News - Turkey Direct or Google "BBC News Turkey Direct" for content. Current content: Working Lives, Johnson meets six...
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    Gym membership

    Does anyone know roughly what it costs to join a gym in Turkey? I'm looking for something with weights room, fitness classes, sauna and spa area.
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    Emergency - how to pay Turkcell superonline bill?

    Hi, I subscribed to Turkcell superonline internet and internet phone just over a month ago and can't figure out the bill or how to pay it. The helpline told me to logon to their website but I can't see an obvious login area, does anyone know if the customer login is at...
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    Send a free postcard

    Until the end of August you can create and send a free postcard for your loved ones back home using a new website by Samsung called touchnote. Simply upload a nice photo, type in a message and then put in a name and postal address and Samsung will do the rest. Enjoy everyone.
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    Transform the lives of young children in Antalya

    A wonderful volunteering program to make a change, and get to know friendly, unique and heart-warming Turkish families! By teaching English to poor, lower class children between the ages of 5-20 you can help make a positive contribution to the community. The children are generally beginners...
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