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    For sale LTN-DLM 15/9 7nights

    A friend has two unwanted tickets Luton to Dalaman 7nights details as below. Details change + difference in price means the two tickets current value is £670 - i believe she will take an offer as there's no way the tickets will be used. Thanks Outbound -------- From Luton (LTN) to Dalaman...
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    Custom Flights/Go there for less

    Just booked my flights for xmas (i know i'm late - and was expecting to pay through the nose for it), but got a 3 week return to Gatwick with Onur for 114quid. Not bad as the others i found, (flythomascook, Aegean, KTHY) ranging from 180 - 280! Just to highlight the difference between on line &...
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    Good home needed, please....

    for the most adorable young cat. She turned up at the hotel where i work and decided she liked it. So far she has stayed below the radar and has managed to hang around. She is very young, practically a kitten still and is the sweetest little thing. She's being fed and getting lots of...
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    A secret ingredient?

    Just settled down to watch Lost with a coffee and a nice chunk of carrot cake bought from Migros earlier.....only to find myself munching on something decidedly too crunchy for carrot cake. It's got sunflower seed shells in it. Eeeeeeeeeeeew. :27:
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    Desperately seeking wheels

    I am looking for a cheap little run around, if anyone knows anyone selling a car in Fethiye please let me know. I have a budget of around 15,000YTL and am so desperate to be mobile again i will consider anything though ideally i was thinking Palio or something similar. Getting Hubby to go car...
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    Can anyone tell me where i can buy a "Please close the gate" sign (in Turkish though obviously) in Fethiye? I'm sure i've seen them somewhere but it's too hot to go circling Fethiye searching. :36: Thanks Karen
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    Beyond the coffin....

    Following on from the Creationism thread, i'd like to ask a question to the non-believing members. This is not intended to be atagonistic or provocative, i'm not trying to be inflamatory, i am genuinely curious. :) In the absence of faith, what do you think about the concept of the 'soul'? Do...
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    Dangerous dog or not?

    My poor little fur-baby Cookie was attacked by a much bigger dog on tuesday. The other dog lives down the street (he and Cookie often have a good bark at each other through the fence when we pass) and is usually confined to the owners place but someone left a gate open and it escaped. Cookie was...
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    Cookie problems?

    When i go the Home page, either on first log in or from a post, it never brings up the latest home page, it will show the latest post as one from this morning or sometimes yesterday, and i have to refresh every time to get the latest posts up. Also sometimes on accessing a long thread it doesn't...
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    Better emoticons

    Is it possible to have a better range of emoticons, more useful ones available on the first selection available without having to click on 'more'. It sometimes takes ages to load 'more'...and then you have to scroll through loads and loads just to find a wink. IMHO it would be good to get rid...
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    Citizenship by marriage

    I know there are a few of us on here married to Turks since 2003 when the laws regarding citizenship changed, so i thought i would record the process here as i've just started the ball rolling. Not much to tell at the moment but i will add to it as and when - hope it helps someone. First of all...
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    Skype review

    We all know how great Skype is when using it computer to voice calls, great call quality (better than my landline easily), but i thought i would let everyone know about some other Skype services i am using and liking alot! Skype In I've 'leased' a phone number from Skype so...
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    Drive yourself crazy

    Anyone tried this..... I understand it's been around a while but i only came across it today. If you've got time on your hands and like making your brain hurt.....have a go! I made it to L31 and am giving myself a well earned rest :kafa: Karen
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    Getting to Club Malverde

    Hi Bodrum folks I have a friend going to Club Malverde on holiday next week and i'd love to go and visit for the day. Trouble is i am in Fethiye and don't fancy driving all that way on my own, not to mention i haven't a clue where i'm going. :lol: So, i could take the bus from Fethiye, but...
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    'Tailor-made' holidays??

    Hi all Does anyone know if there is any such thing as a company that truly makes 'tailor made' holidays? The reason i ask is, we were watching Michael Palin on his travels through the Himalayas on BBC Prime the other night, and he visited Simla or Shimla in India. My Dad who is visiting, piped...
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