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    out of hours hire

    can any one tell me if proper car hire will arrange early morning vehicle pick up at bodrum airport. thanks kevin.
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    hello everyone. has anybody any information or updates on the tapu front, thanks kevin
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    beach locations

    hello everyone. i was looking at one of the threads about altinkum , pictures showed the beaches. now i am totally confused as to their locations. can someone please give me an idiots guide to the locations of 1,2, and third beach. thanks kevin.
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    hunters valley

    can anyone tell me where hunters valley is located in altincum.Ithink our apt. is roughly in G11.alsohas any one bought from the furniture shop same area , Ege Caddesi.there is a Geordie working there. thanks kevin.
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    finishing off the work in our apt. block.

    there are five aprtments in our block,how to we go about getting all the small jobs finished it wise to hold back small final payment until jobs are done,i am in the building trade myself and would expect this to happen,but i dont want to upset the builder if this is not their way of...
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    solar panels/water heaters

    any advice on where to buy and what is best.thanks.[:)
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    Hello from Kevin Cosgrove

    have just bought in altinkum ,paid deposit and have sent on the rest of the money minus small final payment ,have i done the right thing
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