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    Happy St Pirans Day

    Happy St Piran's Day to the Cornish contingent of the forum.
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    Turkey's Eurovision Song for 2012

    Leaving Facebook... | Facebook
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    Turkish Property Law

    Looks like good news. Turk Property Law | News
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    Illegal Pools

    Have been waiting for Voices to go on line to post this link Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - Didim's glut of 'illegal' pools It will be interesting to hear the outcome with Ruby Hill as we have the same builder.
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    Electricity Tariffs

    Hi there. Does anybody know the new electricity tariffs, T1, T2, and T3, as well as builders rates for Altinkum (builders rates seem to vary from area to area for some reason.)
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    Hire of Baby Equipment

    Quite often we seen posts where people are asking where they can hire baby equipment. Okan who owns Oscar's Place - Cafe Kirmizi (which is almost next door to Oasis Village on the Marina Road side) is now renting out equipment. There is a special rate for over 7 days rental, and also for more...
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    Electricity Project File

    Does anybody know how to go about getting a copy of this please. We have emailed Aydem, and are waiting for their reply, but thought may be somebody on here might know. We are trying to get our electricity in our own name and pay Aydem rather than continue to pay builders rates (which we have...
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    United Health Care - Meeting in Didim

    Just had this posted on my facebook. No venue yet, but when it has been decided we will update. "Didim's 'Expatriates Morning Coffee' will be held on Saturday September 25th , 1030 hours.Venue TBA. A seminar about UHI and health care for expatriates in general."
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    Maintenance Charges

    Our contract says that we do not need to pay maintenance charges until we have our TAPU. We received our TAPU this February, but unfortunately we paid maintenance last year as we were asked for it, and were "green" then. We pointed this out to our builder, who says " you used the property...
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    Washing Machine Instructions

    can anybody help us out with english instructions for a Regal Roza 800 washing machine? It would be much appreciated if anyone was able to help us.
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    Military Permission in Yesilkent

    Have had post from our builder today to say there is a problem with military permission for Sapphire Beach in Yesilkent. This apparently is due to the land in front and at the back of it where Summer Breeze and Seahorse have been built. Apparently they have been built on military land. Has...
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