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  • hi jim, got your e-mail,
    is there a number we could phone u on ?, could rive u a ring toromow !!!,
    Hi Jim how are you and Ken .hope you both and the dog are well .how did the show go ?.İt is very cold hee today -6 on weather and it feels like it very cold north wind
    hı ken and jım ıts tına......set thıs name up after my dıvorce and ı was headıng back out there want to change my name lol ı just seen you are back ın ıreland?? have you sold up and left or ?? ım so out of touch dont have contact wıth anyone ım cut off stuck ın ın bloody ızmır!! ı hate ıt lol chıco and me ok we opened a cep telephone shop ın buca well he works ıt ı dont have anythıng to do wıth ıt just hold my hand out for money haha were hopeıng to leave here ın aprıl tho and get a small pensıon somewhere just far from here. get ıntouch when you have a mın would love to know how your doıng and all your news love to you both and to mum and val and all the famıly xxxxxx take care xxxxx
    Hi Ken,
    I am not too familiar with the forums ways of working. Many thanks for getting back to me. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.
    I will be able to pick the chair up as I will be hiring a car. I hope to hire the car from the 4th October so if it were ok with you I could pick it up then. Where do you live?
    Hi you two, very hot here around 38c kens mum is finding it hard to stick the heat, all is well here things still the same, will send you a PM, went out out on a boat trip on sat it was very rough fan bloody tastic! LOL love to all JIM.:5:
    Howdy - is that you Jim on line now? Hope you are both well and enjoying the sun - feckin very grey here alright! Tropical 20c - can't complain - not. Spent the whole day ironing but Cem got very energetic and painted the garage doors - 2 coats - WOW di WOW. I'm impressed. Not like him at all, at all. Big kiss to you both. Chris
    HI, going to try and make it out, 8th or 15 Th. may ???,
    the ladder i used last time, a red one, will need one for wood work u see !!!,
    kev xxx
    hi kevin, all good here Val is enjoying the sun, Mum out next week are you going to make it over, love to maz. Jim

    ps what ladder?
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