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  • Hi jane
    I need your help. We are going to dee dee's in a few weeks but from there going to bodrum on the ferry.
    I need to sort a transfer or car hire from dalaman airport. In an ideal world i would hire one for a few days and drive down myself then dump it in datca the problem is i cant find any one with an office in datca. Dont want to take car to boders on ferry
    thats expensive.......any ideas....
    We will be there 11/09 to 20/09 ish will you be Round.

    Hi Jane
    Long time no speaky. Hope your well. Just warning you in advance that I am planning to return to Turkey. Sept 2nd till Oct sometime.
    I will be popping over to your bit with DeeDee for a few weeks and staying at hers. (God help me...nag nag nag...LOL)
    I hope your there then and we can catch up.
    I will make more effort to log in here, but to be honest I havent been on here in months.
    Do you use that there facebook thingy?

    Morning Jane! I know you are coming out in October (not long now?!). Any chance I can get an ipod shuffle sent to your address from Amazon to bring over??!!
    Hi jane yes i sent them cant belive you didnt get them, i will get my hubby to resend them today so sorry xx
    Hi! Did you call into Eski Datca the other day? Thought I may have caught a glimpse of you as we were driving up the hill??
    hello Jane long time having a chat with you hope you are all well.not going to turkey this year but will def go back to turunc next year .we will both be retired then so maybe a longer stay.going to malta with my friend in may and marsa matruh egypt with hubby in oct xx
    Hi Jane

    so sorry I didn't get time to visit datca!!! maybe next time. G did come over and we have had to plan a lot of stuff to proceed with ONCE we get the tapu!! No point before.

    I did drive the girls to Marmaris but did not get to look around your gorgeous Datca this time so have that treat still to relish.

    hope you're having fun out there
    Hi Jane, the paintings arrived in the post this morning. They're beautiful. Thank you very much.
    When it grew back before it was thick and wiry, just like in my teens so I,m hoping it will do the same again. If not, c'est la vie, at least it,s hair!

    Hi Jane , not sure if my pm message went through. Yes great to meet up and would have to forgo the boat trip as our daughter Anna is pregnant so not sure how she would be feeling about boat trips!!
    Great to hear from you
    I Jane I have rearranged and we look forward to meeting with you thursday afternoon :)
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