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    Happy B-Day John Wayne

    John Wayne would have been 106 today. Today, in the US, it is memorial day. One of our major holidays. It is also John Wayne's 106th birthday (if he were still alive). John Wayne is THE American actor. Love him or us he is what the US is about (or maybe was) from the 30's till the 70's. No...
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    Strong men tend to be more conservative

    There was a news report stating that "Men who are physically strong are more likely to have right wing political views Men who are physically strong are more likely to have right wing political views | Mail Online This makes complete sense to me. I think we have now explained France. Maybe a...
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    AIDS virus saves cancer patients

    This is an amazing medical breaktrhough. They have managed to take the invasive parts of the AIDS virus and splice it with the cancer killing parts of other molecules and make a cure for cancer. A girl suffering with terminal cancer is now in complete remission. Amazing See attached...
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    Iran data censoring?

    Reports today indicate that Iran has begun a program where tbey indend to sensor and or block communication of their citizens. New flagpoles in Iran spark rumors of clandestine satellite jamming technology | Fox News Does this surprise anyone? Not me.
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    Obama wins

    Believe it or not FOX news is the first to declare Obama a winner. I can't believe the the US has dropped to the level of Europe and has decided to go down the path of European socialism but it has happed. You can begin the obituatory of the USA as of today. A lot of Europeans are very happy...
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    Turkey fires on Syrian targets

    Apparently Turkey has retalliated on the recent shelling of the Turkish border town by Syrian Government forces. See attacehed story. Turkey fires on Syrian targets after deadly shelling from Syria | Fox News
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    Space shuttle over my house

    Today heard a noise and looked out the front window and saw the space shuttle flying on top of it's 747 transport. It was totally cool. Apparently it is flying to it's final resting point and just left San Francisco. I first saw space shuttle on my first trip to Europe when it took off from...
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    Warp drive

    Story on the internet tonight saying that Star Trek Warp Drive might just be possible and not too far off. 'Warp drive' may be more feasible than thought, scientists say | Fox News Pretty cool if you ask me.
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    Neil Armstrong Dies at age 82

    First person to walk on the moon has died. Amazing man and amazing achievement. I was too young to watch the first lunar landing but have loved following the space program all my life.
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    US Syrian policy change

    Just watched the press conference today where Obama, in the context of discussing military intervention in Syria, said that the use or movement of chemical weapons in Syria would be a "red line in the sand". Sounds to me like clear warning to the Assad regime and those opposing it...
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    Latest is that Turkey is asking NATO to gete involved in the shoot down incident. Where is this going? Turkey to push NATO to consider Syria's downing of Turkish jet as attack on military alliance | Fox News
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    Pet seat belt law

    This is one of those only in America things. New Jersey has just passed a law requiring you to strap in your pet while driving. See link below. Law Requiring Seat Belts for Animals? New Jersey Gets it Right - Yahoo! News My husky would go totally bonkers if she couldn't bounce around the...
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    This is what is wrong with America

    I was reading my internet bill today and realized what is wrong with America. Take a look at all of these taxes and fees that go along with a simple bill. It’s not even the money but all of the separate fees that the provider has to collect and send to different state and federal agencies...
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    Tsunami debris reaches Canada

    After just a bit over a year, the first debris from last year's tsunami has reached the shores of North America. See the story below. Tsunami-tossed Boat Spotted Off Western Canada | Fox News Here in Santa Cruz California the tsunami reached us and destroyed our local harbor. I expect that...
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    Door screens

    Saw an add come on TV here in the US for a really good idea on how to keep bugs out. Check out the URL below. Don't need screens here in California and no time to buy before I head over tomorrow but I think I am definately bringing some back in May. Might not be...
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