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    Watch The Lira Now

    5 years time 2.3 million approx
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    Watch The Lira Now

    I changed £50000 when it was 2.5tl to the pound and another £10000 when it was 5tl to the pound, when it hit 10tl to the pound I changed another £20000 and have not touched the interest in 14 years. I sold my property for 375000tl and put that in the bank as well, so in 5 years time when im 60...
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    moving money back to the uk

    hi, i need to move money back to the uk from my turkish bank. if i transfer it bank to bank will i have to pay the uk tax man or not. for talk sake say 100 thousand pounds.
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    bank gurantee

    hi, can someone tell me, if you have a joint account, are you protected for 100,000 lira or is it still only 50,000??
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    the secret tourist

    just to let everyone know, tonight on BBC1, the consumer travel series, the secret tourist will be visiting a four star hotel in turkey.
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    hi all

    hi, john and gena just thought i should introduce ourselves, we have a place in didim the last 4 years now and have been coming on holiday 3 times a year, we love our we lifes here in turkey and plan to retire here in 3 years time. we have 3 big kids all early 20s, we like to keep in tough with...
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