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    Alanya December..

    Hi all, me and a few friends are travelling over to Alanya in the first week of December. Does anybody know what nightclubs will be open and what days/times are they open till? Also, looking at a 15 day weather forecast the forecast seems to be going colder and colder and by the time first week...
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    Easyjet MAN - AYT

    Just found out Easyjet are starting flights from Manchester to Antalya ! :) Have just booked for next June .. starting prices are £75 return without baggage.. bargain priced! Happy chap now.. :D
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    Help please!!!

    Hi all, Mum and dad have just been out to our apartment in Mahmutlar and decided to get a new bathroom fitted in; marbel floors etc whilst the apt is empty and was meant to be ready for tuesday. I am going on thursday with my cousin for a holiday. A kind neighbour of ours has called the Zabita...
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    Hello Alanya Folks!! I was in Mahmutlar in October and they were starting to do work on the Promenades & paving the roads opposite the Promenade where our apartment block is (better than getting the shoes dirty and dusty!!!) Just a quick question, anybody know where they are up to with...
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    Weather 1st week of December?

    Hi all! Booked to go to Incekum for the 4th December staying in the Alaiye Resort with a few friends. I know the weather isnt going to be amazing, but what sort of weather should we expect and what is the weather usually like the first week in december? And what sort of temperatures are we...
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    Alaiye Resort

    Hi all, Me and a few friends are looking at booking the Alaiye Resort going on the 11th December 2012 for a week. It is only cheap, £280pp all inclusive so thought would be rude not to!! Just a couple of questions, what nightclubs are open in Alanya during this time? And how much would taxis...
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    Do Pegasus sell Duty Free products onboard?

    Hi will be travelling next week to Antalya. I just wondered if Pegasus Airlines sold alcohol duty free items onboard their flights? And if so what prices are we looking at for Smirnoff Vodka & Jack Daniels?? Also, could anybody tell me what prices the above drinks are at Antalya Terminal 2...
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    Toz Veya Kum Firtinasi/Sand Storms?

    Been looking at Devlet Meteoroloji ??leri Genel Müdürlü?ü for weather forecasts in Alanya, and apparently on sunday and monday, Antalya & Alanya have forecasted sand storms? Is this unusual? Has Alanya experienced them before? Just seems quite odd! Thanks :)
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    Weather in Alanya?

    Hi all! Will be coming out to Alanya in a couple of weeks, just wondering what the weather is like currently? Are the nights still chilly? If so, is it cardigan or jumper type weather? Hope it gets warmed up before I get there! Like it hot hot hot! :36::36: Thank you :)
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    Weather in Alanya?

    How is the weather in Alanya today? Is it promised to be settled from now on? I have heard it has been extremely unsettled lately. Thanks :)
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    Pegasus Airlines October Flights Manchester - Antalya & Northern Cyprus.

    Cheap cheap cheap! October flights for booking on the pegasus website! Just booked mine, £140 return for 2 weeks on the 12th october, brill flight times too! Bargain! Get booking you Antalya fanatics!!!!
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    Pegasus Flights Advanced Passenger Info?

    Hi, Is the API needed for Pegasus flights? If so, where do I go on the website in order to give my passport details, etc...? Thanks :)
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    Help with flight!

    Booked a flight an hour ago from Manchester - Antalya with pegasus in July. When I booked it said I had 20kgs baggage, however ive recently checked my ticket and it says I have 10? Really confused as the terms and conditions say that baggage allowances from UK - Turkey is 20 kgs?! Any help...
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    Snow in Antalya 12 December

    Seydi?ehir- Antalya Karayolu Kar Ya???? videosu hope that works! Looked at temperatures last night, it was 5 degrees and light snow showers in Antalya!
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    Pegasus Air, cheap flights MAN - AYT

    Just to let people know, Pegasus are selling very cheap flights from Manchester - antalya as of 30th March 2011. I think they end their flights on 28th September 2011. I priced a flight for the 6th April for a week in the Easter Holidays, and the price was £99 returns per person. Not bad if...
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