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  • GEMILER BEACH is beautiful.
    What a most unfair article you wrote in 2005, which 5 years later can still be read by people, today 22nd July 2010 even WARNING them!

    When was the last time you visited Gemiler Beach? And how many times indeed throughout your holidaying life in Turkey did you visit Gemiler Beach?

    One recent article about Gemiler Beach: under *Gemiler Beach Kaya Köyü is a little how people should get familiar with this lovely beautiful beach.

    Consumptions on the beach are always *more expensive* everywhere. A rip-off? Well, that is how it is. Every educated traveller knows about this.

    When you have a moment to spare, please search for: Gemiler Beach Kaya Köyü !!! That article is how people should get an idea about the real beauty of the beach, the very, very, friendly people running the summer-businesses.
    And you know why? Because THAT IS HOW Gemiler Beach really is: clean, nice, pleasant.
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