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    Year long rental of villa with pool required in Gumusluk/Yalikavak

    Hello all, A friend of mine is looking to rent a detached villa for the year in the above areas. Not having much choice with emlaks due to the demand for Summer rentals. I told them I would try here on the offchance that someone had something that they couldn't get to this year. Thanks in...
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    All year round flights to Bodrum
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    110 volt transformer hire

    I'm finally getting around to installing vents in my house and will be bringing a core drill to Bodrum in November. It's 110 volts and I would rather rent a transformer there than bring over mine as it weighs about 20kgs. Do they have such things in Turkey and has anyone seen a rental shop in...
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    Live Flight Tracking

    I found this site very useful yesterday when my family's flight to bodrum was delayed and I had to advise the car rental guy meeting them at the airport. It shows all the aircraft in the sky all over the world. Run your mouse over the aircraft symbols and you can identify your flight number...
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    Road from airport

    Hi all, Any update on the road from Torba to Yalikavak. Wife and kids driving from the airport for first time alone tomorrow. I'm wondering which way they should go. Would be fine if road is the same as last year from Torba to Yalikavak. Anyone travelled it recently. Thanks Jimm.
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    3800 Euro to transfer electricity name

    Hello all, Does this sound right. Our builder still has the electricity for our site of 34 villas in his company name. We all bought in 2005. They still haven't given us our habitation certs,and have taken a feed off our junction box to build their second phase (Grand sea view 2 in Gumusluk)...
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    Picture Framers in Bodrum area

    Hi all, does anybody know if there is a picture framers in the Bodrum area. We are looking to frame a few pictures of the local areas to hang on the walls of our house in Gumusluk.Thanks.
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    Hello all,I've been looking at the forum for a while, and it looks like Gail and Gary will be the only ones able to help me as everybody else seems to be in Altinkum or Fethiye. We've recently bought a villa halfway between Gumusluk and Yalikavak. It will be ready in June,but we'll be over in...
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