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    hello John.
    İ am in Altinkum at present for a forthcoming AGM and am a lone voice challenging the status quo re the current committee set up. At present there is a Committee which is solely Turkish in composition with at least 90% of the members being directly employed by the builder or related to him. What complicates matters is that so many owners are naively giving the builder and his family proxy votes to do as they more or less want!My questions are these:

    1. Does there HAVE to be an Owners Committee comprising solely of owners

    2.accepting that the site management set up has to be managed by a site manager and/or a Board of 3 - is it expected that this BOARD consists of owners ( or what).

    3. Essentially at present there is a huge conflict of interest whereby the power is lying with a committee solely comprising members of the builder / current site management provider.

    Any advice would be gratefully accepted

    How can I get an Engish translation of Turkish Condominium Laws. Is there a draft comstitution for managemant committees of complexes.
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