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  • Thanks Andy, I rarely look on here now but as it was my birthday thought I'd see if anyone remembered me.
    See you on facebook some time.
    All the best
    Hi Ian,
    I will be honoured to be your friend, now that you are no longer a moderator, you can be friends with whoever you choose, Thanks for choosing me !
    Hi Ian

    Again wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

    You've been busy bunnies! Worth it though I bet... I struggle with the different heights of furniture so can imagine that Chris may have needed to walk round the house on stilts!

    When are you going back? Do you think a Sunday in March might work? I come back 9th and leave on 22nd Mar again.... Maybe we could do another boat trip and BBQ?

    Best wishes

    Hi Ian

    How are you and Chris enjoying your stay?

    Saw your post re get together... well I'd really like to do the boat trip again, so if there's a date you'd like to come, pls say and I will post about it.

    All the best

    Carla x
    Sounds like a wise decision to go a day early at least you will be there. I stayed in a cheapish hotel the last time I had an early morning flight... there's quite a few.
    Good luck!
    Hi Ian

    There are a few people wanting to go on a boat trip in February, we're thinking around 20th/21st. Will email closer to the time.

    Hope you get to the airport safely and have a good trip over!

    Carla x
    Wow I never knew that - sounds rather clever. I must quiz Tim more next time I see him. His day job is the sheep, cows and pigs and decorates daily from 11 ish am to 3 or 4 pm then back to his animals his true love. (now no joking allowed here as he is single :p ) Actually we think he is being fleeced by a girl in Mauritius who keeps saying she is leaving there for him in the UK but each time there is a financial hurdle. Long story and hope we are wrong.

    right off now as I am waffling!
    Happy New Year Ian, Not long before your next trip back to Turkey, i hope the weathers kind to you mate.

    Best Wishes for 2010
    Hi Ian

    Nice! I'll put the feelers out for dates for the boat trip - would be nice to do something this side of Christmas (or even on the Day itself!) and possibly another one in Spring?
    Carla x
    Hi Jcrian, thank you to the mods if my footy message has been posted in a new thread named Goal, cheers, lol. I just posted it on the clocks go fowards thread, brilliant.

    Hi Ian

    Just wanted to wish you and Chris a safe journey back on Saturday...any plans return soon to Koycegiz?!
    Was thinking of organising a boat trip in Dalyan before Christmas, would be nice if you wanted to come that is, to know that you were here!
    Okay, now G and I are sooooo humbled, you two are DIY royalty! I realised I'd missed even more pics under the others, the new outlook sort of hides the quantities attached, and boy Go You Two!!! Did you have a holiday or was it all work?

    By the way the small gutter around the pool is that newly installed since you had the overflow that you told us about? So very neatly laid and as I have already said we love the gate!

    I thought we were hands on but nothing compared to you two.
    Hi to you and Chris :)

    just wondered how is the wrought iron handy work progressing?
    from Gordon and Debbie
    :angel:Sorry about pr**** Jcrian i didn't know it was on the naughty words list. I have now duly washed my mouth out with soap!!!!!!!! Thanks, Ted
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