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  • Hi How are you? on line at the mo saw you where to.
    Just back from Yali and off out again on the 14th June.
    Be good to see you when are you out again?
    PS: hopefully we will have found it by the time you get this!!!!!
    Think I have been looking in the wrong area.
    Hi Jaytee,
    Hope you are both well,
    We are in Yali at the moment, and cannot find the cafe Asiago I know you wrote you had been their for a coffee, Gerry loves his coffee any chance of letting me know where it is please.
    When are you planning to come over again? it would be nice to catch up.
    Hi Jaytee,

    Just thought I would say hello, I am sure we met at Yali at the Secret Garden, I left for the UK the next day, and you met up with Gerry & Robbie.
    Does that sound like you?

    If so hi, how are you all?
    Regards Issy
    Hi Jaytee
    I have a 2 bed apartment which has just been made ready for letting at a lovely development called Carpe Diem. It is about 2 miles from Yalikavak, has great sea views and is just 2 mins from a Dolmus stop. Let me know if you're interested
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