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  • Let me see now ... spent three days trying to find a timer switch for the immersion heater (unsuccessful) ... my wife bought some spoons for hot chocolate (they were marked ‘chocolate’ and dissolved on impact) ... beat the PC at chess (easy level) ... found our first mozzie in the bedroom (it got away). OMG, don’t know how I fit everything in.
    But next week will be a cracker – Mitzi is going to the parlour – she’s only 1kg but it takes 4 guys to hold her down. Think I’ll take my vidcam and post to Youtube.
    Gotta go – the Belediyesi mozzie spray truck is coming down the road and I mean to have a strong word with them!
    Glad it's only boredom that has kept you away. All fine and well with us, thanks. Sadly, nothing more exciting to report than we've mowed the lawn and started getting things done in the garden. However, I have rewarded myself with some different wines! We also have a local fete next weekend. Talk about walking on the wild side! Hope you're enjoying giving your English lessons. although I like your wife's interpretations. Anything exciting happening in your world during the current week?
    hi both i think youre right and once we all get chattering together Valantyna would find it difficult ..shes a very sweet lady . nice meeting you both and if you ever feel like calling in please do so...but muzzle the hound first hah take care
    hi there im not the owner of the viking restaurant ..she is known on the forum as shirleyann plain and simple ..whereas i have a little extra.....on my name hah its got a tr on the end i think she may be doing din dins for xmas though
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