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    Question Good Dentist in Marmaris

    +90 252 417 0909 Dt. Deniz Pehlivan Dental Clinic Armutalan Mh. Cumhuriyet Blv. No:64/5 Siteler, Marmaris. Very, very good.
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    Forum upgrade notice

    Me too! Shame it was great the way it was
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    Bottle of Raki as thank you?

    I have recently had exceptionally good treatment from a doctor at Yucelen Hospital in Mugla (apart from saving my life he was very kind and considerate). Would it be acceptable to give him a bottle of Raki as a rather inadequate thank you when I go for my next check up? Jan
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    Gulet holiday

    Anyone interested in a two week holiday on the gulet Prenses Lila? We have chartered Prenses Lila for two weeks from 5th June starting and finishing in Gocek, and sailing west. There are eight of us at the moment (all in the slightly more mature age group!) and we are looking for another six...
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    Driving to Turkey with pets

    Has anyone every driven to Turkey with more than the regulation one pet per person, and if so, what were the consequences? We would be crossing into Turkey at Ipsala. Jan
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    bringing a sailing dinghy

    My husband is a very keen sailor and wants to bring his 14 ft laser dinghy with him when we move out in July. The plan would be for it to come in the container with the rest of our stuff. Has anyone any experience of bringing a small sailing dinghy in this way? Jan
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    English speaking accountant

    Hi My husband and I will be moving permantly to Selimiye in July and we need to find an accountant. The lady we have at the moment is very nice but she speaks no English at all and as, at the moment, our Turkish is limited to ordering food and drinks, cummunication is rather difficult. So does...
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    Hi everyone Firstly, thanks to everyone for all the useful information available on this forum. I've been a member for some time, but have always been able to find the answers to my questions without actually posting - until now. My husband and I are retiring this month and will be moving out...
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