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    Eviction order due to need by landlord

    I have the answer from the lawyer now, for anybody else in this situation, even if the new owner has a valid need to live in the property, they still cannot commence proceedings to evict you until expiry of the 6 months given by the notary
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    Question Estate agent - return of rental deposit

    Does anybody actually know the legalities of naming and shaming these emlaks? I have a bad situation also. I think there is also a special department at the beledeye to report mal practice? “Tuketici haklari kaymakamlik”
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    Eviction order due to need by landlord

    Hi all My apartment was sold, I received the notary letter giving me 6 months to vacate, which expires in November. I have not made a new contract with the new owners and they have accepted my rental payments. I have been trying desperately to find a new apartment but in the current market it...
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    Unscrupulous emlaks

    Just wondered if anyone can advise. I am 7 months into a 2 year rental contract. My owner has now sold my apartment and I wholly suspect that the emlak have told them that I will be out in a month. I know my legal rights in this regard, that is not the problem. The problem is that the emlak...
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    Alanya news good or bad

    I am unable to translate the article. What will this mean for those of us already living here?
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    Rental advice required urgently

    I am 6 months into a 2 year rental contract and now the owner wants to sell my apartment. My understanding is that they have to sell with a sitting tenant & that if the new owner wants me out they are required to give me 6 months notarised notice? Can anybody confirm whether this is still...
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    Info Renting in Turkey - Long Term Rental

    Regarding registering your rental agreement at the tapu office to protect your full term tenancy, does anybody know the costs involved in doing this & if you also need the landlords permission to do this? Does it have to be done at the beginning of the contract or can it be done mid-term?
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    Which VPN for itv hub etc

    Hi, please can you send me PM as I didn’t receive anything yet
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    Which VPN for itv hub etc

    Express isn’t even working for me!
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    Which VPN for itv hub etc

    hi, can you please advise what vpns you guys use to watch itv hub, bbc iPlayer etc from Turkey? I’ve tried Surfshark but it appears to be not working?
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    Best TV box to get UK TV channels?

    So, I have gone for the Android box. What do I need to get loaded onto it before I come to Turkey? If I need a VPN is it best to load that whilst in the UK & which VPN is best?
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    Best TV box to get UK TV channels?

    Sorry, a bit of a tech phone! - if I’m bringing the box from the UK do I need to have anything loaded onto it before I come?
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    Best TV box to get UK TV channels?

    Can I please have your views upon the best TV box to use to get UK Tv in Turkey? ie. Amazon Fire, T9SQ etc? TIA
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