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    Can aynone help?

    Sadly my Mam recently passed away in Kusadasi leaving behind 2 dogs. One dog has successfully been rehomed in Kusadasi. The other dog is staying with a friend on a temporary basis, but this cannot continue. Milo came over to Turkey from England almost 9 years ago, he is 12 years old and...
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    Thomas Cook in trouble?

    Just seen this on Sky News. Let's hope there's no truth in it, it would cause huge problems and not only for us Turkey lovers. Thomas Cook, Europe's Second Biggest Tour Operator, Is Negotiating With Its Banks About Growing Debt | Business | Sky News
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    Derby Day

    Would just like to say....................half time and 3 nil up already.........get in, come on the Toon!!!!!!!!!!
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    Dirty Filthy Scum !!!!!!!

    Nope, this is not a name and shame slagging off thread............... Just wondered if anyone had any advice on getting a cast iron bath sparkly clean. Ha Ha. Nice to see everyone on the forum is still as 'friendly' as ever. X
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    Marmaris/Rhodes Ferry

    I have got someone coming over from Rhodes to visit Turkey for a couple of days. She will be getting the ferry from Rhodes into Marmaris next month. Where's the best place to us to book a ferry and does anyone have any idea of the cost??? Or maybe even if Rhodes to Bodrum is not a lot of...
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    Age Old Question

    Some advice needed. Now I am back as being a holiday maker to Turkey the flights seem very expensive right now. Seen a flight one way to Izmir for £139 in August, is this a good deal or should I wait closer to the time???? Ash cloud and availability springs to mind, can't wait to get back there...
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    Strange Messages.

    Has anyone else had a pm from a 'member' offering to get them a work permit? I had a message a few days offering me help with obtain a work permit in Turkey, not that it would do me much good in Newcastle. Very very strange and worrying that people can join the forum just to try and rip people...
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    Children Flying Alone

    I am having a huge amount of trouble trying to get an airline to let my children fly alone, Chloe my daughter has done it a few times alone but she is flying with my son who is 15, no airline apart from Turkish Airlines will let them fly, but they are asking, wait for it ............... £675...
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    New Sandals

    I just feel the need to let people know how happy I am with the new purchase of my Gladiator sandals, I waited ages for them to arrive, and now they are finally on my feet, they are gorgeous and I can't wait to test them out in Kusadasi in August, yipeee. Thanks for letting me share that with...
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    Scooter ownership.

    I have a scooter just sat there in my basement, it's far too big for me to ride. For those of you who know me, then you will know why it's just sat there. The thing is, it is not registered in my name. Is there anyway I part ex the scooter if I obtain the signature of the present owner, or would...
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    Divorcing in different countries.

    Is it possible to divorce while both partners are living in different countries? I am here in Turkey and he is in England, we were married in the UK, do I need to have a Turkish or a British solicitor? I have looked and not got any clear information on this.
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    How far from Dalaman bus stationto the airport?

    How far is it from the bus station to the airport? My husband could only get a flight back from Dalaman, he is gettıng the coach to Dalaman bus station and will get there about mıdnight. How easy will it be to get transport to the airport from there and also does anyone know approx how much it...
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    Solar Tank Immersion Heaters.

    Has anyone had one of these immersion heater things fitted to thier solar system, or would it mean me getting a whole new tank, and would I need to replace both tanks or just the one? Also does anyone have any approximate idea on cost and reccommendations on suppliers? Thanks.
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    Off to Akbuk today.

    I am off visiting Maggie in Akbuk today, she is going to show me the market and them famous fleecy pj's. Haven't got a clue where Akbuk is, but I am sure I will find it. You never know I bump into a few of you today. Get ready Maggie I will be there in about an hour.............I hope.
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    Guarantee help.

    My daughter got a Nintendo Wii for her birthday in September. After a week it broke, the shop took it in and repaired it, but when it came back it was still broken. It has been back into the shop 3 times now. Today my daughter's boyfriend went in to collect it and was told more or less to go...
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