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  • Hi JanA. I know this is a long shot, my friend has three puppies that she has hand reared from birth, they live inside and are use to other dogs. She now has about 4 weeks to find a foster or forever home, she has tried hard to find homes were she lives and surrounding areas but no luck, please could you advertise round your area for her thank you .Mary.
    i had lots of trouble selling my property in turkey to buy sth back in UK, had enough with turkish ea as they prefer to sell new homes with 15% commission , so i designed the first english property portal of turkey(like rightmove) but FREE. I get adverts to pay for hosting etc. so please register for free and sell your property at www.propertyandturkey.com , and if you sell your house through my website dont forget to buy me a beer(or beers)
    Hiya....that dosn't sound too bad , about normal. Do you remember where you saw the pool table advertised? Many thanks Sharon
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