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    iOS 9.1

    Has anyone done this update on their iPad? I have, but, the battery seems to be draining very quickly, anyone else having this problem? :dooh: Thanks jan:438qr:
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    Spain rentals

    thinking of going to Spain for a couple of months in October, are there any members on here that have property they rent out, any location. Many thanks jan :yipee:
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    Izmir airport car parking

    has anyone parked at the airport recently?, the website is not giving me accurate information, have been quoted 370tl for 8 days stay - seems a bit costly? The outside car park, think it's jet park are saying no availability, anyone have any other suggestions please? :307bt: jan
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    Steak house - Kusadasi

    is the steak house still open, the one opposite the marina and close by to the Chinese restaurant? Thanks :cell::smile:
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    Intex swimming pool

    has anyone seen the large 3/4mtr plastic pools for sale anywhere in bodrum? Had a look in metro a week ago, but they never had them, maybe it's too early? Thanks jan :474cu:
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    Turkish airlines

    Hi all, Looking to book a flight direct from Istanbul to LA, seems like TA are the only airline that flies direct , is there 'ever' a good time to book, ie costs? Price has gone up each time I have looked!!!!! Have tried clearing the cookies but this has made no difference at all, thanks :3: Jan
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    All things XBMC....KODI
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    Commonwealth games on Digiturk?

    Hi, Does anyone know if the commonwealth games will be shown on Digiturk? if so, what channel please :thanks: Jan
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    Driving to Bulgaria from Turkey?????

    Hi, we are planning to drive from Didim to Bulgaria (Sunny beach) next month. Has anyone done this and if so which route did you use?, have also been told you can get a ferry from Cannakale to Bulgaraia? any information greatly appreciated:12: :thanks: Jan
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    Kusadasi Weds Market

    Hi, can someone tell me if the Weds market is back, we went a couple of weeks ago but no market, we was told by a local it was something to do about finding an alternative location? Many thanks. :hmm: Jan
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    Bodrum Market

    Hi all, Can someone please tell me when the market is on (near bus station) in Bodrum, many thanks. Jan:11:
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    Kusadasi-Chinese restaurant

    Hi All, going for a girlie shopping trip on Wednesday, does anybody know if the Chinese restaurant opposite the marina does a lunch-time special - looking forward to spoiling ourselves:roundgrin:roundgrin Thanks Jan:loony:
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    Installing Windows 8 updates - help

    Can anyone please help on this? Windows 8 After installing automatic updates this message appears: 'Preparing to configure windows do not turn of your computer' then this message appears: 'Failure configuring windows updates Reverting changes do not turn of yr computer' does this mean the...
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    Taxi fare - Ercan to Kyrenia?

    Hellooo Can anyone tell me how much I should expect to pay for a taxi from Ercan airport to Kyrenia please.:der: Thanks Jan:becky:
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    Bus to Bornova (Izmir)

    Hi, Does anybody know if you can get a bus direct from Akbuk/Altinkum/Dalyan crossroads or even Soke to Bornova, Izmir, this is the shopping outlet where Ikea is? many thanks :hmm: Jan
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