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  • I live in a small village in the North West of England about 35 miles from Manchester.

    I used to have a house in Konacik on the Bodrum Peninsula and used to spend about five months of each year there. Sadly my husband died this year and so the house now belongs to his daughters. I will still visit Turkey as often as I can as I love the country.

    I am going back to Turkey on 28 December until 5 January to collect my personal belongings from the house. Then I will return to stay in Konacik or Gumbet in the summer. I hope to travel more around Turkey when I can - I want to visit Istanbul and Cappadoccia.
    Just registered and found somebody else in Eccleston!
    We have a few friends out in Gumbet and my Mrs is mates with the dreamgirls. She even got mistaken for their mother!
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