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    Staff payment following resignation

    A member of site staff has resigned and left to take up a post at a similar site. He has filed a claim for employment compensation. What is this and are we obliged it ? Many thanks Judy
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    Planning consent for extensions

    I hope that someone is able to advise me or point me in the right direction. I have a semi detached villa on a communal site with similar properties and arrived on my last visit to find my (English) neighbours had built a balcony extension right up to the boundary of our property. As a...
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    Charging interest on maintenance debts

    As with many sites in Turkey there are some owners on our site who persistently run high debts and do not keep up maintenance payments. The condo law allows site managers to charge interest on outstanding debts and we would like to implement this to incentivise owners to pay on time. section 4...
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    Site maintenance fees

    I would be really interested to know what other owners (with properties on a communal site) pay for maintenance to their site manager. Our site has a mixture of villas with pools, villas without pools and apartments, so our monthly fees cover security, gardening, communal and private pool...
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    Restaurants in Dalaman offering tax service

    Does anyone know if the following restaurants offer a pick up service : 1. Botanik 2. Toprokana 3. Sigla I know that Akkaya now charge for their pick up.... Also would be interested to know if there any other restaurants who will pick up from Dalaman... Many thanks
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    Public liability Insurance

    Our site is run by a Turkish Manager and has a management board comprised of both Turkish and English owners (of which I am one). I have asked if the manager can organise public liability insurance for the site (if an owner or guest has an accident as a result of a fault with site equipment or...
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    Fitting water filter to property

    I have a villa in Gocek and have just had to replace the heating element in my water heater as it was completely furred up due to the hard water - this after only 2 years use. The element in my kettle looks like it is going the same way. I suspect ir is only a matter of time before the...
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    JJ Ikea ordering and assembly services

    A word of warning to anyone considering using JJ. Over a year ago I faxed Ikea Izmir credit card authorisation for purchases made to furnish my villa - several different purchases were made over a period of a month, so there was not a specific amount included on the authorisation form. I asked...
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    Non payment of site fees

    We have several owners on site who owe thousands of lira in site fees. Our site manager has sent repeated letters requesting payment, as yet to no effect. We have adhered to Turkish Law in setting up our site board and recording decisions in the management book. We also have a lawyer and an...
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    Electricity Transfer

    I have had a quick look at existing threads and can't find any information regarding the transfer to private meters on a communal site. Our manager has told us that 100% of owners need to go to a notary in Turkey and complete an authorisation form (because some of the equipment is...
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    Water Debt

    I would appreciate some advice. Our developer "elected" a maintenance company for our site before all private owners were given their tapus. There is a split on site of around 40% private owned 60% developer owned property. The maintenance company inherited (from the developer) a large water...
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    What constitutes "delivery" of a property under Turkish Law

    Ous sales contract states that the buyer will become liable for maintenance fees and utility payments upon delivery of the property. An owner on our site is refusing to pay these bills as he says he has not accepted the property. He is apparently taking the developer to court over what has been...
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    Site Management Plan and the Condo Law

    Our developer created and lodged a management plan for our site prior to owners receiving their tapus, so we had no say in what went in. This is in Turkish but appears to include the name of the manager and management company. It was my understanding that the Management plan describes how...
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    Dolmus / Bus timetable

    Is there such a thing as a bus or dolmus timetable for buses from Dalaman to Gocek? If so could someone advise how I could get a copy? many thanks
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    Council Tax in Dalaman

    Could someone help me with some advice regarding how and when to pay Real Estate/Council tax in Dalaman? We have recently purchased two apartments in Botanic Gardens - both the Kat Irtifaki and Kat Mulkiyeti were dated 2009. I understand that Council tax is payable by the registered owner at...
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