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  • hi Lesley, just wondering how you are? you were so positive in your last post, i mean, doing housework amzing! anyway, hope you're still doing well. keep it up girl! Arrian xxxx
    please accept my apologies, i sent the last message to you instead of another member!!!
    i should have looked a bit better!!! Arrian x
    hope your not offended!! but doing a link is so easy, as i just found out. if you put "showing a link" in the search facility at the top right of page, the thread i started will come up with loads of help.
    although i did start one this morning which has disappeared!!!! Arrian xx
    Oh, you're back on line Lesley, I've just posted re Juco's problem, obviously he's viewed Blue Residence and only seen todays' post, doh, I always like to start from the home page. Lol.
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