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  • Thanka jane i will look up metro cars.
    I didnt want to hire car at dalaman and keep it till we were in bodders if . Wr are flying home drom there and dont really nees it in datca or bodrum.
    The airport to dee dee's seems to be the problem.
    You can hire in dalaman and drop off in bodrum no ptoblem but i want to hire in dalaman and drop off in datca and that seems to be a oroblem.
    I will look at metro and see what they offer. If worst case will have to get taxi.
    Will you be there when we are
    Just thought - why not drive to Bodders- takes 3 hours by road and is an ok trip. Metro cars does transfers and car hire and we have always been pleased with them.
    Hi Ian sorry wont be here, leaving later today! As for a transfer try Metro cars Dalaman as he brought my son here and was very good. They paid 200 lira which is around 74 pounds. Blokes name is Ercan and mention me as I am his BEST customer lol. Hil and I find him rather attractive rofl. If you want car hire in Datca there are loads of places and we used to use the one in an estate agents oppositish the Pamukale office.
    Hope you have a fabby time
    Jane x
    Hi Ian, not sure if we'll be in Datca then. I'll be there all of August and am considering popping back during Sept so will let you know if we book a flight. Would be nice to catch up again. I seem to have lost a few facebook friends so if you can find me please click on me.
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