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    Where You Bin ?

    Our local Leisure Centre encourages and promotes the recycling and disposal of all glass and clothing products by providing secure containers for use by local residents and collection by the appropriate authority. Recently, the Centre Receptionist, became alarmed when a gentleman, of foreign...
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    Lost - Can You Help?

    Excusee! Excusee! I am from a country called Scotland, with many good ball kickers - how do I get to South Africa with other good ball kickers ?? I am now walking toward Forth Bridge........
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    Pc `wc`

    Heard a brief BBC news item on my car radio a few days ago which I thought would have been the subject of much debate by our resident Forum regulars. Students at Manchester University have voted to remove the existing `Ladies` and `Gents` signs on toilet doors as they are considered a source...
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    TLF Team

    Mersi! Mersi! Team for advising that my PM count had peaked. I`ve just had a `clear out` and will make further deletions. Thanks again guys - your worth every penny.
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    Face to Face

    What a nice surprise I got on Sunday, when PeterMcintosh and Margaret turned up at a bowling tournament I was playing in over in Glasgow. It was great talking about all the Forum `characters` during the brief time we had together and I really did appreciate the effort they both took to make it...
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    Eurorovision Song Contest

    What an absolute shambles of artistic/musical recognition. The voting system was a political embarrassment which detracted from the true entertainment value attempted by the countries represented. How can any country afford to host this as a genuine talent contest when there are so many...
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    Coeliac Sufferers

    My wife Jean is a Coeliac sufferer and depends on Gluton Free products, bread etc., Can anyone, perhaps with this similar condition, confirm if these products can be purchased from local supermarkets. We would appreciate any advice. Thanks.
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    So To Speak

    My dog has just come up the stair to remind me of `his requirements` and there was a pink `stick it` attached to his collar which read `kopek`. There was also the sound of strange voices coming from the kitchen. Out of curiosity, I followed it back dowstairs to find the entire kitchen...
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    True Brit

    Nearly drove off the road this morning, when they announced on the radio that :30: some lady traveller wished to debate the unacceptable number of `unsheltered` cattle and sheep in the fields she passed each day. Are we really a nation of animal lovers or should we all be certified.
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    Sporting Facilities

    Bearing in mind the age groups of Forum members.....Has anyone explored the provision of alternative sporting facilities such as all weather bowling greens or golf driving ranges. Our particular complex in Olive Village is providing a football pitch which, during the hot Summer periods, I can`t...
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    Banks in Akbuk

    We are coming over in June for a couple of weeks, to sound out any odd requirements needed prior to the take over, in December, of our place in Olive Village. Could anyone supply a list of banks available in Akbuk, or is Altinkum regarded as the Admin Centre for the area. Any information would...
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    Hi From Edinburgh

    Found this site by accident and I have spent the past few days checking through all the interesting subjects brought up in the Forum; many of the answers to the FAQ`s have been a great help to us. We are taking over a place in Akbuk`s Olive Village sometime in December and are coming over in...
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