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  • Hi Tanya

    Hope you are well. I had to come back to the UK for a few months, family stuff, but will be back in Altinkum just after xmas. Flights booked for 28th December.

    Will be enrolling Josh back into Valliler. How is your daughter getting on with her Turkish lessons? I would really like Josh to take some lessons to help him, particularly with his school work. Would your Mum's friend be able to give him some private tuition,or know of someone who can?
    Not sure ıf thıs message ıs for me as ım not wendy.. But her son went to school wıth my daughter and ı know that he ıs no longer at valıer. Not sure ıf he has changed schools or gone back to the UK. Hope all ıs ok wıth her as she seemed a lovely lady
    Hi she has private lesssons with a translator in didim. My husband goes along for the lesson as well as he really wants to learn the language. I will get him to ask her tomorrow if she has spare time to tutor him too. She is a friend of my mums and dont normally give lessons but he can ask her.
    Chat soon Tanya
    Hi Tanya. Hope you are well. You mentioned in one of the threads that your daughter has private Turkish lessons. Would you be able to send me some details, i would really like Josh to take some lessons, this would really help him at school also.

    Many thanks

    hi - re your break-in and subsequent security fittings... can you advise us where the firm is in Didum that fitted it ? we are in the process of buying and plan to put some of our own stuff in including a decent TV an patio furniture in a couple of weeks and the amount of theft reported on here has made me edgy now. We are located just by Carrefour - many thanks and good luck with the security from now on! - Dawn
    hi do you live there in didiam all year round we spend about 4to 5 months of the year there how are you finding things ? have you lived there long,
    Hi Tanya. Thanks for your reply and advice. I'm sure we'll be ok. I'm sure my eldest Josh will settle in ok, he's very sociable and make friends pretty easy. Kaya my youngest who is 3 will be fine too.

    It's nice to know others have been there and done that before myself and everything has worked out for them, so that fills me with confidence.

    Thanks again

    She goes to Valier school just round the corner from Hilltop bar. She only started last week but seems to be settling in well, fingers crossed.
    Let me know if you need anymore advice.

    What school does your daughter go to? I need to sort out Joshua (aged 13) schooling as soon as possible, any recommendations?
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