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    Happy Birthday Berry..

    Happy Birthday Sandra.With Many Happy Efes Returns...x
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    My Daughter

    My youngest Daughter (i have three)from my previous marriage .got in contact with me last night.she.s been trying to find her biological father for years.the marriage broke down around 40 years ago..and lost contact with their mother..all 3 of my girls are happily married with their own children...
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    Happy Birthday Berry

    Happy Birthday Sandra.With Many Happy Efes Returns..xPs I Hope L Spoils you Today..
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    Happy Birthday Sirinyegirl

    ...... Happy Birthday Liz..i know your between flights Travelling to Afganistan..i suspect now in Dubia. It was nice meeting up in Cyprus a couple of weeks ago...have a great day...x
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    Discount on pet food at Migros

    ...... 30 % discount on pet food in Migro,s ......
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    Rocket Attack Antalya

    The southern Turkish holiday resort region of Antalya has been hit by two missiles, according to reports. It is not thought anyone was injured in the incident, CNNTurk said. The province of Antalya is next to the popular tourist areas of Marmaris and Bodrum, and just north of Cyprus. The...
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    half price pet food..

    ...... Half price pet food in Migros until 12 October,i expect the same all over Turkey)
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    Happy Birthday Ted.With Many Happy Efes Returns...
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    Happy Birthday Derek Payne.

    Happy Birthday Derek.With Many Happy Efes Returns. ......
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    ...... hi Techno Guys..i got one of these gadgets to pick up Wifi Anywere,but its not connecting,to phones ipads ,i put in password it show up ok on the appliance,with the blue tick..but nothing happens .i put a new some and credits on ,with no avail..i was thinking something to do with my...
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    apartment for sale..

    ...... 2 bedroom appartment,stunning views, Cosy in the winter,,opposite Devlit Hastane,(Goverment Hospital) shops next door & Pharmacy,s,Dolmus Terminus..10 minute walk into town..330,000 Tl ......
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    Chinese / Indian

    Hi Guys I am driving through to Didim / Altingkum tomorrow ,staying at the Temple hotel there any Chinese / Indian Restaurants open at this time of year...also anything going on tomorrow night ,quiz,s ,darts etc ..TIA..
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    ...... Happy Birthday Liz,With Many Happy Efes Returns. X......
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    David Bowie - RIP

    ...... A Great Loss, David Bowie Dies Aged 69 ......
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    ...... Happy Birthday Sandra,With Many Happy Efes
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