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    Another toddler dead on Turkish beach

    Once again, a little child has been found dead on a beach, washed up from a migrant boat somewhere. Is it just me, or does nothing seem to be being done? It seems as though as Europe made promises to take in lots of refugees, that meant they could take their eye of trying to stop traffickers...
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    Happy Christmas

    Hope all TLF members have a Wonderful Christmas and a peaceful New Year xxx Hark the Herald Angels Sing! Glory to the New Born Kng!
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    I have a Windows 10 laptop, and today I bought a new wireless printer. The printer did not have the facility for me to type a - and my password has three - in it, so I changed my wireless password with EE. This was fine, my printer is now set up and my apple products just asked for the new...
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    Am I still allowed....

    You might have noticed from my signature that I no longer work for Asem. I live in the UK, have no plans to visit Turkey, so am I banished from the forum or am I still allowed to visit and occasionally post and annoy people?
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    New Laptop

    Hi Everyone, I've just bought myself a new laptop and I need some help please: Firstly, it's Windows 8.1, but there is an option to upgrade to Windows 10- should I do it, is it worth it, I mean it's free so maybe just do it? Secondly, my email is a gmail account, the mail function needs...
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    Tunisia terrorist attack as ISIS gunmen kills 27 tourists near Sousse

    Tunisia terrorist attack as ISIS gunmen kills 27 tourists near Sousse | Daily Mail Online 27 dead so far. When do we act? And, more importantly, who is the 'we' and what do 'we' do, when we do act?
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    Never Park in a Disabled spot...

    Driver in a disabled bay in Brazil finds car has been covered in post-it notes | Daily Mail Online Hahaha!
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    Tornado... My Dad built this!

    Tornado back in business after eight-months out of action thanks to £400,000 upgrade | Daily Mail Online My Dad worked on the Tornado, he had a ride on it this weekend up at Shildon, so much work went into this engine, my Dad is 80 later this year and I am so proud of him for the work he put...
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    Today's good news story

    Missing dog Toffee reunited with blind owner - BBC News
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    Happy Easter

    Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Easter. As you can imagine this weekend is a busy one for me, it's the best weekend of the year, so I might not get chance to wish you all a peaceful Easter after today. Not sure what those of you will do if you're in Turkey, but whatever it is, I hope...
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    Moving commemorations yesterday for the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, there is always a Holocaust remembrance day for all the camps, Treblinka, Bergen-Belsen etc, but I wonder if there will be any services for the 100th anniversary in April of the Armenian genocide, or if...
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    Cadbury' Halal All these products are Halal. I love Cadburys, but don't like to think of any animals suffering, especially as it's for religious purposes, I feel a bit like its forced on me. A lot of people are gluten intolerant, will all products...
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    Boko Haram

    Boko Haram satellite images reveal destruction caused by militants | Daily Mail Online If this had been elsewhere we'd be bombing them by now. Why is it ignored because it's in Nigeria? Is it really just the oil?
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    The Sun Military Awards

    am trying to watch these awards on ITV, but I seem to have something in my eye... Think it must be something to do with the onion I chopped on Sunday, can't think of another explanation.... Well done lads and lasses, you're the bravest in the world.
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    Cuteness overload

    Washing away his troubles: Puppy relaxes during bath time | Daily Mail Online
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