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  • I'm really pleased she's settled in well, I'd love some pics please. Yes I am missing your lovely weather, as tonight it took me an hour and a half to get home (normally about 10-15 mins) because of the snow! Glad I've got cats who don't need to go out for a walk like a dog would!
    Hi Helen,
    Howz you? Hope you're keeping well and not missing our lovely weather here too much!! :)
    Poppy is settling in nicely; she still has her moments and we tend to keep her out of Sophia's way when she comes round as Pop's likes to play biting games which are not going to be too appreciated by an 18 month old, but apart from that she's getting on very well. Have you seen the photos of her lately? If not I can send you some if you would like?

    Speak soon, as off to work now.

    Love, J. x
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